︎Writing Samples
Music Video // Visuals & Execution: Something that pushed me towards this idea in particular was thinking about how we’d shoot. This track deserves a filmic look. Our shots should be bold and rich, creating a nocturnal world still full of colour and texture that matches the song’s cinematic atmosphere. With compositions like something out of a Barry Jenkins film, we will depict emotion and character in a single cross-look and translate 6LACK and Don Toliver’s nostalgic melody into vibrant, visual storytelling.  

Technology // Tone: Emphasizing what sets Nokia phones apart as superior products prepared to meet the challenges of today’s tech-savvy world, I want the spot to incorporate a sense of energy and enthusiasm, with a fast pace and vibrant visuals, featuring both traditional symbols of the brand and modern representations to create a loving nostalgia among viewers who are familiar with the Nokia brand. The goal is to create an aspirational image for the product and to show viewers that Nokia phones are more than just phones. They have the power to make them more productive, connected, and reliable. Featuring real-life, relatable actors and influencers will foster an emotional connection with the product and, combined with the focus on connecting Nokia’s iconic heritage with modern advancements, create an inspiring and aspirational image of the product to viewers.

Music Video // Locations: As the video opens, we are treated to a brightly-colored montage of various Irish landscapes dynamically captured to reflect the energy of Fontaines D.C.’s music. Riffing on a wealth of cinematic techniques to marry the sound and image in perfect concert, I will use these panoramic establishing shots as transitions throughout this video, instantly immersing us in the culture of the band, and helping to craft the entirety of the video into a seamless narrative, ushering us between the spontaneity and rawness of the performance footage. There’s a fluidity to the camera and to the images that I would want to bring to this spot as we move from scenario to scenario, t raversing the mood of the video from light-hearted to a sombre sense of urgency while, for example, juxtaposing the dimly lit archway the band performs in with a shot of a highway illuminated by the orange of a setting sun to bring a stark element of melancholy to the work.

Fashion & Beauty // Sound & Music:  As the commercial progresses, the music and sound design will help to create a world of wonder and exploration. Starting off faint and subtle, but gradually building as each scene unfolds, by the end of the spot the music has built up to a crescendo that matches the atmosphere of the visuals. Underneath, the hazy sounds of the elements echo across the soundscape—the rustling of leaves and the rippling of water—creating a aural mesh of sound that adds another layer of texture and intrigue to the world on screen. Paired with the sparse voiceover that is whispered as if she is trying to give the viewer a secret, drawing them closer into the visuals, and experiencing the story in a more immersive way. 

Screenplay samples available on request.